Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Sing Like Adele:

English Soul Singer Adele has had an amazing year in 2011 and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2012! Her voice is truly a remarkable thing, so its not surprising that many people want to emulate Adele's emotive style and strong tone. Well, singing teacher  Ken Tamplin lets us sit in on one of his vocal lessons as he helps a student to adapt her own voice to sing Adele's Someone Like you.

Watch as he guides through the process below.


Jared said...

Learn to sing like Adele? So we can cause countless vocal problems and damage & have to spend months not singing? No thanks. The girl needs retraining. She needs to stop pushing in chest & start using her mix again!

Jared said...

Oh & using the live version - where she completely cops out of using her mix (which she sang so beautifully on the original recording) - talk about half a singing lesson...

Anonymous said...

I <3 tater tots and other miscellaneous items!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The guy can't sing.

Anonymous said...

Why try and sing like Adele? She is her own thing!:)

mondal said...

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Anonymous said...

Why is the man a singing teacher cos he cant sing:) lol

Anonymous said...

a dieing cat in pain sounds better than him

PB Lover said...

That dude looks weird and CANNOT sing like Adelle. I'm not trying to be mean, but he cant sing. I read the comments and thought that people were being mean, but after wasting a couple of precious minutes of my life, I realized they were right. Now I've wasted a couple more minutes of my life just to warn you not to waste your time on this.

Anonymous said...

D guy can't sing ke?? i wunt blame u guys sha u dunt knw anyfin bout singin or music all u no ow 2 do best,is 2 disturb others wif ur dumb comments

Unknown said...

1. Can you identify the caller on your phone? Then you can identify music notes. If you can identify notes then you can sing. If you can sing a note then you can play an instrument. Very soon you will be performing on stage and get ten out of ten or all three Yes from the judges. Let me clear you.

2. First take this practical test which I found useful on YouTube. You will know where you stand:

3. People say they cannot identify notes to play or sing. We are going to help them to step in to the musical family. There are many who are not quite sure if they have built up their ears to sing or play or to identify the notes. I do not think you have toned-deaf. If I can sing and play you too can.

4. People think they cannot play or sing and cannot recognize notes. They also say they cannot enjoy a tune. I do not think like that. I am certain that you are not tone- deaf.

5. From the time you were born you started picking little words. At that time you could not speak advance words. You could not have a conversation with someone, because you were still a baby. When you grow up gradually you picked up things little by little. You picked the right words and you started having conversations or dialog with somebody else.

6. When you make a phone call the moment you pick up the phone, you can recognize the caller’s voice. If you can recognize a voice then you can recognize a musical tone or music note.

7. Best thing you can do is to go to a piano play a note. For example C note and then play it for an half an hour. Then get that particular note or tone to your year. Then you are able to recognize the C note after awhile.

8. Some say they can play but they can’t pitch the note. What is the solution for those people? Now you pick up a simple tune like happy birthday. If you can play definitely you will be able to sing it.

9. Some say they can sing but can’t play. This is not true. If you can sing a note definitely you should be able to play that same note on the instrument.

10. Some recognize notes and enjoy a melody, but say they can’t sing or play. I say you can sing and you can play. If you just follow the proper singing lessons and proper instrument basics, you can sing and play. It is not difficult but simple. All you have to do is to put some effort. Just to practice and that is all what matters.

Start practicing four to eight hours a day you will get there.

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Unknown said...

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