Monday, 8 November 2010

Learn How to "growl" when you sing like Christina Aguilera

Example of a vocal growl
At 4:11 in the above video is an example, by Mariah Carey, of what I am referring to as a vocal, or singing "growl" .

I is important to note it is generally a technique that isn't looked favourably on by singing teachers because it calls for you to put a lot of stress on your vocal chords. So please use it sparingly.

How to growl when you sing:
A quick way to understand how to create the sound is to try and attempt to growl like a dog. You should feel a vibration at the top and back of your throat. Once you can do that you can then apply that same technique to words and ultimately incorporate it into singing.

Video tutorial
Below is a video tutorial explaining, in more depth, how to create that vocal styling. (Although the tutorial below is applying to the Death metal genre it is still the same technique used by singers like Christina Aguilera).


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