Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Sing Like Adele:

English Soul Singer Adele has had an amazing year in 2011 and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2012! Her voice is truly a remarkable thing, so its not surprising that many people want to emulate Adele's emotive style and strong tone. Well, singing teacher  Ken Tamplin lets us sit in on one of his vocal lessons as he helps a student to adapt her own voice to sing Adele's Someone Like you.

Watch as he guides through the process below.

Simple Trick To Expand and Grow Your Vocal Range

Here is a brilliant Video by Cari Cole that explains how aligning ones body can increase a persons range. This video also explains why just working on the higher and lower extremes of a voice isn't necessarily the best route to increasing ones range.

Watch Below:

How To Improve The Tone Of Your Singing Voice:

Holding tension in your tongue or jaw can impair your vocal tone and the quality of your voice. One of my favourite online vocal coaches, Ian Castles from AussieVocalCoach ,gives brilliant advice to create a better, and more focused tone.

Watch Below

Five Simple Tips To Help Improve Your Singing

Here are 5 simple tips from a brilliant singing coach,known as AussieVocalCoach, to help improve your singing abilities:
1. Deep Breathing
2. Good and Bad Tension
3. Vocal Coordination
4. Relaxed Articulators
5. A Daily Vocal System and Feeback

Check it out Below: